GPR-H1000 Unleashed: Exploring Price, Availability, and Superiority (2024).

The All New GPR-H1000has been released. Normally, when you think of a smartwatch, you imagine something sleek-looking like the Apple Watch. Casio, however, is going in a completely different direction with its new rugged-looking Rangeman G-Shock wearable.

There will be two models at launch: the Rangeman GPR-H1000-1 and the GPR-H1000-9. They’re both made from a “bio-based resin” with intricately placed metal guards around the watch face. These protect the more delicate parts of the smartwatch, like the main control button, sensors, and GPS antenna, from impacts.

GPR-H1000 Unleashed: Exploring Price, Availability, and Superiority

GPR-H1000’s Design and specs :

Designed to work even in the harshest environments, the RANGEMAN GPR-H1000 from the MASTER of G line is a truly tough piece of outdoor gear. With a mud-resistant structure to keep out fine dust and dirt, it is designed to withstand the most punishing conditions and the worst weather situations. This muscular timepiece is equipped with a heart rate monitor, built-in GPS functionality, and a high-definition, high-contrast memory-in-pixel (MIP) LCD for an easy read.

The case is guarded by sizable metal components on the left and right, protecting the GPS antenna and six sensors inside, to deliver what you need for a wide range of activities. The trekking function allows you to check your heart rate while on the move so you can keep track of your physical condition during workouts.

With the advancement of technology, the watch is qualified enough to measure nine field activities- starting from trekking and walking to open pool swimming. The six sensor inclusion aids in reading heart rate, body movements, etc, while its LED emission tracks down the accurate body movements.

For the strap, the brand uses soft urethane that is comfortable on the hand, offering two colorways – yellow and black. Also, the usage of plastic is carefully made, infusing the biomass plastic.

The g-shock series offers an assortment of facilities for people who are involved in adventurous activities, fitness, etc and this particular series will augment the experience of the wearer with higher technology infusion.

The other basic watch features are the same as the GBD-H2000 and include a 1-second stopwatch (max 99:59’59”, with split times), countdown timer (max 60 minutes), world time with auto DST, power saving, 4 alarms with snooze, vibration, and full auto LED backlight with 1.5 or 5-second duration. The watch measures 60.6 x 53.2 x 20.3 millimeters and weighs 92 grams.

GPR-H1000 Unleashed: Exploring Price, Availability, and Superiority

Externally, the GPR-H1000 is made of bio-based resins and has a soft urethane band with a metal band keeper. There are large metal side guards to protect the internal components and the buttons. The watch is 29 grams heavier than the GBD-H2000 due to these metal parts and button structures, but it is significantly smaller and lighter than the GPR-B1000. Unlike the GPR-B1000, the GPR-H1000 does not have a sapphire crystal and is equipped with mineral glass.

Battery life and charging 

Battery life on the Rangeman GPR-H1000 looks solid but will vary greatly depending on which features you use and how often you use them. With both the GPS and continuous heart-tracking engaged, users can expect around 14 hours of battery life. However, with those functions switched off, the Rangeman will last up to two months on one charge. 

Like all modern G-Shock smartwatches, this one is powered both by USB charging and solar. But only the time-keeping function can be juiced up via sunlight. 

GPR-H1000 Unleashed: Exploring Price, Availability, and Superiority

Price and Availibility:

In Japan, the black GPR-H1000-1JR and the yellow GPR-H1000-9JR will have a tax-included price of 66,000 yen each (about $464, U.S. price not confirmed yet). The GPR-H1000 series is expected to be released worldwide. Release dates for other countries have not been confirmed, but it could possibly be around the same time (late January) in the U.S. The GW-9400 series is expected to remain active after the release of the GPR-H1000.

The Casio G-Shock Rangeman GPR-H1000 is available for preorder from January 8, 2024 on, and will begin shipping on January 20. It comes in two varieties, black and yellow, and is priced at $500.

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